What We Do

Deep Clean

Did you know there is a way to  deep clean all of your hard surface flooring including your hardwood?  Our Bona Deep Clean System restores the natural glow of your floors and removes germs and ground-in dirt build-up safely and easily.  The process is quick and you...
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An exciting new product that combines the beauty of hardwood with the practical performance and peace of mind of waterproof vinyl floors. Raintree provides the luxury of wood without compromise.


Wascana Wood Floors & More offers a full line of GemCore Flooring by Reward.  This unique product is waterproof, as well as dent and scratch resistant, making it the perfect choice for your laundry room, kitchen, bathroom or basement. This flooring is made from 70% stone and is...
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New Products

A powerful and flexible machine that can be equipped with many different drive plates for a wide variety of floor preparation. The Bona Power Drive® is a truly all-directional and versatile disc sanding system that delivers exceptional power, provides powerful rotary sanding to...
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Hardwood Repair

Most hardwood floors will require a measure of repairs prior to refinishing them. Everyday living with children and pets over a period of years can and will damage a hardwood floor. The beauty is that repairs can easily be made. In virtually all cases your flooring can be matched as to age,...
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Hardwood Refinishing

The sanding of hardwood floors is the very essence of what we do best. From newly installed solid hardwood to floors that are more than a century old. We professionally restore all types of wood floors. Wascana Wood Floors in Regina provides specialized refinishing services for...
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Dustless Sanding

Breath Easy While We Refinish Your Wood Floors Wascana Wood Floors also has a state of the art dust containment system means we can now perform virtually dustless sanding of your hardwood floors in any home or business, beautiful results without the dust and mess! Anyone who has...
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Staining Hardwood

Staining is not to be confused with the clear coats of finish that are applied to a floor to preserve it. A stain is actually the coloring of your hardwood floor to a tone other than its natural color or tone. This is a separate step that can be added to the refinishing process. Many homeowners...
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Craft Oil

Bona Craft Oil 2K – Performance, Versatility and Design Introducing new Bona Craft Oil 2K - all the benefits of a natural oil finish plus the performance you expect from Bona. The CraftOil 2K penetrates deep into the hardwood floor resulting in strengthened wear...
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Residential Floors

Are Your Residential Wood Floors In Need Of A Face-lift? If so you have come to the right place. Wascana Wood Floors are masters at making old hardwood floors new again. With 25 years floor refinishing experience Greg Dozorec, prides himself on the quality of his...
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