Frequently Asked Questions

Made in Canada is important to me, what options do I have for flooring?

We carry Mercier brand hardwood which is sustainably sourced, milled and finished in Quebec. This line is available in both 3/4" solid  prefinished and engineered prefinished hardwood in a variety of colours and species. ...
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Why do i suddenly have gaps in my floor?

It’s that time of year when pumpkin spice is everywhere you look. Once the temperatures drop in Saskatchewan, we turn those furnaces, fireplaces, and other heat sources on. The heat that keeps us toasty also dries the air out. To help minimize the movement of your wood floors try to...
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How long does it take from start to finish?

This is completely dependent on the scope of the project. A small refinishing job (under 350 sq ft) if done in a natural finish can typically be completed in a couple days. Staining typically adds a day. When we do a site visit and provide a quote we walk you through the entire process...
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What do we need to do to prepare for you to sand our floors?

All the furniture in the areas to be finished will need to be removed. Typically the home owners are responsible for this. However, we are able to recommend a moving service if needed.  Most things can be rearranged to different parts of the home or to the garage. Worst case scenario a...
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Do the baseboards need to be removed?

We do recommend that baseboards be removed, it allows us to sand your floor right to the wall and ensure that no old colour or ridges are left. 

What will the end result be?

Beautiful, most people will just think they are brand new floors.

Can you repair damage by water or add to existing floors?

Yes, we specialize in flooring repairs and adding additional wood. After the new wood is woven in and the floors are resanded there is no evidence the repair/addition was made. We are a full service hardwood flooring company and are able to supply and install new site finished wood as...
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Who does the work? Is it you or sub contractors?

We perform the vast majority of the work perfomed. Our skilled craftsmen are the ones on site for nearly all projects, it is rare that we use subcontractors.

Is it expensive to have our floors redone?

We are very reasonably priced and provide a craftsman product for your money. However it is something that varies from job to job. There is no set price, there is just too many variables involved. This is why we offer free estimates.

Is it worth refinishing our existing floor or should we just buy new?

Typically refinishing an existing floor is a third of the cost of a new floor. So your existing floor has a lot of value. Most floors we refinish today that are roughly 15 years old, were about ½ the price they are today. They are one of the only things in your home that are increasing in...
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