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If you are looking for unfinished wood we can help you.  We are able to get unfinished wood in a variety of sizes and species.  The most common sizes are 1 1/2", 2 1/4" or 3 1/4" either red oak, white oak or maple.  Special order sizes can be sourced in most cases.  




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Wascana Wood Floors & More offers a full line of GemCore Flooring by Reward. This unique product is waterproof, as well as dent and scratch resistant, making it the perfect choice for your laundry room, kitchen, bathroom or basement. This flooring is made from 70% stone and is the ideal solution for areas that may experience extreme seasonal temperature variations such as your cottage or sun room. There are a wide variety of colours, patterns and sizes as well as matching mouldings so it's easy choose the right look for your home or cottage. The tap down glueless installation, doesnt require any special tools and is easy enough for the DIY'er to tackle themselves on the weekend, or if you prefer, have our experienced installers complete the project for you.









The Raintree line is a revolutionary new product that combines the authentic beauty of hardwood with the practical performance and maintenance of waterproof vinyl floors.




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We carry a full line of Bona Professional Series of products which were developed for the Janitorial community and are slightly more aggressive than the regular Bona cleaners. These products work beautifully in any home and come in a wide range of appications and products.

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EZ GLIDES are designed to protect surfaces. Applied to the legs of furniture, they protect floor surfaces. Installed under office equipment they protect desk and counter tops from scratching. Applied to pottery and lamps they allow movement back and forth without scratching. EZ GLIDES have thousands of uses not listed. They can be cut with scissors to fit any size leg or pedestal. Heavy duty Olefin Fiber construction makes EZ GLIDES water resistant for extra durability.

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Timeless Wood Floors is a collection of high fashion, finely crafted engineered and solid wood floors. Timeless flooring specializes in quality products with a fashion focus that meets the changing requirements of designers and consumers. Our species of wood include Maple, Oak, Birch, and Walnut with a range of surface textures from wire brushed to hand sculpted, smooth, traditional.


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Multilayer membranes provides stability available in both a glue down and floating floor, this product offers built in moisture and sound protection.


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This 100% waterproof flooring offers a range of looks from stone to wood. The attached acoustic pad and anti-bacterial coating make it an easy choice for any home.