Hard Surface Flooring Rentals

Ready for a complete do-it-yourself experience? Feel confident with our unique floor sanding system.   Use the same equipment that the professionals use and get great results you can be proud of when your finished. 

Rentals. Sanding package includes:

  • Power Drive 
  • Vacuum, Hoses, Wand
  • Dust Seperartor
  • Power Regulator
  • Palm Sander 
  • Various Hand Tools 



Please note that our machines require 220 volt power. If a 220 volt stove or dryer outlet is not available, power must be sourced directly from the electrical panel with a 30 amp or higher 220 volt breaker and a pigtail hookup wire and must be hooked up by a qualified, licensed electrician. 


You get the benefit of our experience, as well as getting the latest dustless sanding equipment, quality abrasives and finishes.  From stain to finish, abrasives to applicators, we have it all in one place. 

The Super 7R is a powerful, versatile, and easy to use wood floor edging machine.  Sandpaper Size 7" Disc,  Power Cable 50'
Laminate Shear

Cut where you work - save time walking to and from your saw
One shear blade outlasts over 20 saw blades
Dust free/ quiet operation/ no electricity - Cut anytime day or night
Built-in ruler and movable fence for 45° (up to 9 in. Wide) and 90° cuts