Staining Hardwood

Staining is not to be confused with the clear coats of finish that are applied to a floor to preserve it. A stain is actually the coloring of your hardwood floor to a tone other than its natural color or tone. This is a separate step that can be added to the refinishing process.


Many homeowners desire darker, richer looking floors to complement their homes. A darker floor often is perceived as more stately. Browns are the most common stains applied. Regular oak floors can be made to look more exotic.


We offer a fine selection of stains most commonly used within the industry that are tested and compatible with the industrial floor finishes applied today. Please understand that the staining process requires very special sanding and preparation techniques. This process if requested is at additional cost.


A stained floor properly done is not only rich but beautiful. Again, please browse through our photo gallery and see a few of the floors we have stained and the rich enduring results. Richly stained floors combined with high profiled white base boards can bring a home from “ho hum” to “fantastic”. You will see how stains can enrich and transform a floor by browsing our photo gallery.